Dead Dog Clothing Logo - Yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dogs eye
The Birth of Dead Dog Clothing

Are you frustrated with seeing your favorite (and history’s greatest) rock bands being mercilessly over consumed by the mainstream? Do you shake your head in disbelief when you see racks of mass produced ‘concert’ t-shirts at the local department store? Do you remember those 'one of a kind' t-shirts that you’d pick up at your favorite band’s gig and wear them in pride until they’d literally, fall apart? And now, you find fake fans peppering the streets claiming appreciation… when we all know they couldn’t name one single song of the band they wear across their chest.

Corporate driven greed has attempted to steal the soul of rock n’ roll and we’re here to take it back.

Dead Dog Clothing was born out of a true love for music - the same music that serves as a woven tapestry of our lives, entwined with autobiographical memories of people, seasons, emotions and times. We are here to pay homage to era defining artists with original designs inspired by the songs that have become the soundtrack of our lives. Dead Dog Clothing is for the die hard fan who wants to express the love they have for the music and send a message to other true fans, while separating themselves from the masses.